Unique solutions for early start-ups

Zenith Incubator is a subsidiary of Zenith and the early stage start-up’s best ally. We actively help develop businesses creating innovative solutions for creation, interaction and consumption based on digital technology. We know each young business is unique and needs to form its own path. Therefore, we don’t have a fixed program for start-ups. Instead, we supply a stand alone plan for how our knowledge, experience and vast network can add value to your business.


The best of both worlds

Zenith Incubator consists of a small group of members with different backgrounds, which come together to create a super group of expertise. Zenith´s Chairman Tommy Jacobson and strategist Jimmy Johansson form half of the Incubator core. Actor/Artist Mikael Persbrandt and Mathias Rosenqvist, founder of communications agency AWB combines for the other half. The collective diverse experience of entrepreneurship in the team gives us a unique position for truly adding value to early stage start-ups.


The start of a bright future

Our portfolio currently consists of four young start-ups with bright futures. We are working closely with all companies to nurture and develop them to their full potential. While, at the same time, actively seeking out new investment opportunities.


Moodelizer is the future of soundtrack. The company rests on a patented solution for adding music to film on multiple platforms, regardless if you are a production professional or a happy amateur using your smartphone for filming. With Zenith Incubator’s contributions desktop, mobile and virtual reality versions of the Moodelizer technology are in the making.


Picly is a family app, interconnecting the ever-growing group of parents in need of a hand in everyday life. Picly takes a stab at parenting stress using digital technology, aiming to make parenting life add-up in the digital day and age. 


Inkbay is an e-commerce platform that’s gathering the best tattoo artists in Sweden. At Inkbay, anyone can find, book and buy a tattoo from any of the connected artists and studios. Inkbay launched summer 2016 and are set to change the tattoo industry forever.