A portfolio of ambitious entrepreneurs

We enter into early-stage companies and offer entrepreneurs experience, knowledge and a unique network of expertise and business contacts. Our portfolio currently consists of ten companies, and has had a positive development since the initial investments were made.We see continued strong development potential in the portfolio and a continuous flow of new investment opportunities.


FanLeague is a global community for football fans. The Company provides a platform where fans can interact and measure their expertise and knowledge of football against one another. FanLeague’s unique proposition to its Players is an enhanced football experience by enjoying the round of matches while competing with friends and the community as to who is the best football pundit, and allowing Players to communicate, share, comment and socialize around something they love.

FanLeague launched in August 2017. Join us in building the world’s largest football community!


Inkbay is an e-commerce platform that’s gathering the best tattoo artists in Sweden. At Inkbay, anyone can find, book and buy a tattoo from any of the connected artists and studios. Inkbay launched summer 2016 and are set to change the tattoo industry forever.


Truecaller is one of the leading mobile communication applications in the world with services in caller ID, spam detection and dialer functionalities. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Truecaller was founded in 2009 by Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam. Investors include Sequoia Capital, Atomico and Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers. Its applications can be downloaded for free on all major mobile app platforms. For more information visit www.truecaller.com.


Strafe is a lifestyle application for a global e-sport audience and fans. The applications helps the user to track news, matches and results in the fast growing world of e-sports. Strafe has a fast growing monthly user base with a potentialy much larger audience in the c. 300 million people who follows e-sport globally. 


Urb-it offers a new way to shop, where the product is delivered directly from the store to the consumer. Through the mobile urb-it enables the ultimate customer experience by providing what you want, when you want it and where you want it – it is not e-commerce, it is now-commerce. Urb-it is the retailers’ best friend; working together with retailers to extend their brand into the consumers’ home.

Since Zenith’s initial investment, urb-it has passed the start-up phase and is in a take-off position, with expansion into Paris and London commenced in 2016.


Zound Industries

Zound Industries develops, designs and manufactures high-quality designer headphones and products at the meeting point between technology and fashion. The company was founded by entrepreneurs Konrad Bergström and Kenneth Schönborg in 2008. Products from Zound Industries can today be found in c. 75 countries across the globe. In addition to their own brands Urbanears, Coloud and Molami, Zound Industries collaborates with major international companies and manufacturers such as Apple and Marshall. 


Newstag is one of the world’s largest digital distribution platforms for professionally produced news clips – it can be described as a YouTube for professional content. Newstag launched in June 2015 and has been very well received by users and partners.

With the contribution from Zenith the company is growing rapidly and now has daily users in over 200 countries.


Vionlabs’ product Vionel is a video analytics engine that provides insight tools to video- and TV distributors, studios and telcos. With their exciting technology they help the film- and TV industry to understand their audience better and turn them in to fans.

Eaton Gate Gaming

Eaton Gate Gaming (kwiff) is an online gaming start-up focused on sports betting in the UK market. Founded by Unibet founder Anders Ström with co-founder Karl Engström in 2015, the service launched as a pure mobile application with a completely new concept for predicting customer behavior.

Together with Zenith, Eaton Gate Gaming is well poised to take on the large players in a highly competitive market.


Bright is a smart electricity company that offers hourly priced energy to consumers and businesses. Bright also offers smart services to help customers spend more energy at green hours with 30% lower prices and less energy at expensive hours with higher energy production emissions. 

 Bright’s mission is to make the energy demand more responsive to supply and hence increase the adoption of sustainable energy.


The Danish company Shopbox delivers modern and intuitive Mobile Point-Of-Sale (MPOS) for companies in the hotel, restaurant and services industries.

Together with Zenith, Shopbox has successfully launched in the Swedish market – a market undergoing rapid change and significant acquisition activity from large established players.


Leeroy’s software allows retailers to follow consumers throughout their interaction before, during and after purchase. The platform offers unique opportunities to present relevant offers right at the moment of customer intent, both in a retail environment and on the move, via mobile app integration. 

Together with Zenith Leeroy will accelerate development and growth of their scalable platform for one-to-one action based marketing and also move into new verticals.